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F.D.A. Officials, Hoping to Stave Off Critics, Point to Increased Drug Approvals

Federal drug officials on Thursday claimed credit for an increase in the approval of new drugs and argued that the results demonstrated the need for legislation to continue financing the current drug approval system.

The Food and Drug Administration approved 35 new drugs in the year that ended in September, a number that was surpassed only once in the past decade.

The agency approved 24 of the drugs before they were approved in any other country. And many of them were important advances, including the first new drug for lupus in 50 years, the first new drug for Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 30 years, and the first drugs for late-stage melanoma that have been shown to prolong survival.

“I want to underscore that we approved a set of drugs that are truly medically important, and in fact did so in a way that made these drugs available to Americans before other places around the world,” Dr. Margaret Hamburg, commissioner of the F.D.A., said at a news conference.

The increase in drug approvals is good news for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, which have failed to produce many new drugs in recent years. New drug approvals peaked in the mid-1990s and have generally declined since then despite increases in research spending. Major drug makers have steadily cut their research spending since 2008 because of poor productivity, although increased spending by the biotechnology industry has generally made up for this shortfall.

For years, F.D.A. officials said little about the declining number of new drug approvals. When some industry analysts blamed government rules for the slowdown, agency officials instead blamed a decline in high-quality industry applications and a general drought in industry labs.

Now that approvals are increasing, however, Dr. Hamburg is claiming some credit by saying that the agency has lowered some approval standards — particularly for cancer drugs — and speeded up many of its reviews.

Asked about this apparent contradiction, Dr. Hamburg responded, “I think the point we’re trying to make is that when high quality science, good applications come before us, we are able to act swiftly and surely.”

Part of the reason for the agency’s new message is that it wants to try to defuse growing calls in Congress — supported by biotechnology and medical device industry groups — to weaken its approval processes.

Some conservative economists and commentators have argued recently that Europe is now more supportive of innovation than the United States, pointing to the fact that devices are sometimes approved there earlier. These reports rarely mention that Europe’s health care systems are largely government-run, with prices that are generally significantly lower than those in the United States.

Dr. Hamburg acknowledged that some complex devices are approved first in Europe, but she blamed differing regulatory standards. And she said the device industry did not pay as much in fees to support the F.D.A. as the drug industry did. “A higher percentage of our overall drug program” is supported by fees from drug makers, she said, while the device approval process, with its related fees, “is a younger program and pays for a much smaller share.”

The medical device industry is particularly incensed that the F.D.A. is considering asking for more information about the effectiveness of complex medical devices before approving them.

The proposed changes result from a series of safety scandals involving devices, including metal-on-metal hip implants that underwent very little testing before being approved for sale. The battle between the industries and the agency will intensify in the coming months as Congress considers legislation that includes industry fees crucial to the drug agency.

The legislation is a compendium of deals that the F.D.A. negotiates separately every five years with industry players — the branded drug industry, the generic drug industry, the medical device industry and others. The fees that result from the law now provide a significant portion of the agency’s financing.

Agency officials are worried that the legislation will become enmeshed in next year’s presidential campaign and that Republicans — who have made denunciations of government regulations a central part of their economic message — may look beyond the Environmental Protection Agency and train their fire on the F.D.A., arguably the government’s most important regulatory agency. Twenty-five cents of every dollar spent by consumers is regulated by the F.D.A.

Dr. David Wheadon of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America said the increase in approvals demonstrate a shared commitment to medical progress by the agency and the industry. He said it underscored the need for the fee legislation “to allow F.D.A. to continue to serve, and enhance, its essential function.”

If the legislation with the fees fails to pass next year, the F.D.A. will be forced to fire much of its staff. If the legislation passes but has weakened approval standards, the agency may not need much of its staff.

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Erectile dysfunction and treatment of impotence

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection for satisfactory sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is different from other conditions that interfere with male sexual intercourse, such as lack of sexual desire (decreased libido) and problems with ejaculation and orgasm (ejaculatory dysfunction). This article focuses on the evaluation and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction (ED, impotence) varies in severity; some men have a total inability to achieve an erection, others have an inconsistent ability to achieve an erection, and still others can sustain only brief erections. The variations in severity of erectile dysfunction make estimating its frequency difficult. Many men also are reluctant to discuss erectile dysfunction with their doctors due to embarrassment, and thus the condition is underdiagnosed. Nevertheless, experts have estimated that erectile dysfunction affects 30 million men in the United States.

While erectile dysfunction can occur at any age, it is uncommon among young men and more common in the elderly. By age 45, most men have experienced erectile dysfunction at least some of the time. According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, complete impotence increases from 5% among men 40 years of age to 15% among men 70 years and older. Population studies conducted in the Netherlands found that some degree of erectile dysfunction occurred in 20% of men between ages 50-54, and in 50% of men between ages 70-78. In 1999, the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey counted 1,520,000 doctor-office visits for erectile dysfunction. Other studies have noted that approximately 35% of men 40-70 years of age suffer from moderate to severe ED, and an additional 15% may have milder forms.

For people who have to deal with the condition of impotence, life seems unfair and many people want to know why they have it and not somebody else. It is a valid question to ask, but there doesn’t seem to be any good answers. With everything that man has accomplished, like walking on the moon and decoding all of the genomes in the human body, it seems like curing impotence would be easy and fast. Of course, this will never happen but it seems like it should be attainable.

The problem with impotence is that there are so many things that can cause it and the doctor can only treat the other problems with the medicines available today. One of the impotence causes is the drug interaction between medicines used to control the initial problems. Sometimes drugs can work together to add other medical situations including impotence. If this happens, the person’s doctor will have to think about using other medicines and see if that clears up impotence. If it does, things are great, but if it doesn’t there might not be a way to stop impotence.

Impotence help is hard to get because men have pride and will not admit that they are any less of a man. Medically speaking, controlling the diseases is more important than impotence. Some problems can kill people and if the medicines are needed to keep the disease in check, there is nothing that can be done. It may be that the person will have to learn to live with the impotence causes and try to go on with life. This is easier said than done but it is necessary to say.Impotence causes some personal problems if not dealt with properly. One of the biggest problems that impotence causes is depression. When someone is told that impotence is going to be a part of their lives, there will be a period of time spent in introspection.

There are many things that a doctor can use to solve the problem of impotence. The attitude of the person will make or break the rest of their life. Going to a mental health doctor might be needed for those people who are having a hard time dealing with impotence. Seeing a doctor for depression is one of the smartest things people can ever do. The doctor will work with the people to overcome the situation with counseling and possibly with the use of a depression medicine.

In any case, the doctor will work with the man to get him back to health. It doesn’t mean that it will be forgotten, some will deal with it on and off for many years.What it does mean is that with proper care, people can go on with their lives and find new meaning for their life.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blueprint for treating premature ejaculation and sexual weakness effectively.

Premature ejaculation and sexual weakness are one of the most common sexual problems that are faced by men around the world. This article describes in detail about the most sucessful blueprint and guidelines for treating premature ejaculation and sexual weakness.

Premature ejaculation and sexual weakness ia faced by almost all men at some point in their life. Before coming to tell you about the sucessful treatment for these problems let us first understand and have a brief idea about the two conditions.

Premature ejaculation is a condition when a man is unable to to hold his ejaculation for enough time. This means that he ejaculates the semen quickly after penetration into the vagina without giving any sexual pleasure to his partner. This is a very frustrating and embaressing condition and it has a very deep impact on the self confidence of a man. A person suffering with this condition is often depresed and finds himself in  asea of despair. Where he can not share his feelings with anyone due to a fear of sheer embaresement. This depression and anxiety about the sexual performance often leads a man to avoid sexual intercourse. This further widens the gap in a relationship.

Sexual weakness on the other hand is defined as a reduced sex drive, drive that initiates interest in sex and brings out the desire to have sex. Excessive work pressure and anxiety are the two main culprits causing a reduction in sexual drive in men. Although these two conditions are different with each having a totally different symptom but in my experience they are totally interlinked. I tell you why- A person suffering from premature ejaculation often undergoes into depression and performance related anxiety. This anxiety further lowers the sexual performanceand the person starts to avoid having sex at timesto protect himself from getting embarassed in front of his lady. This acts as precursor for sexual weakness or low libido. In the same way a person having low libido and sexual weakness often finds it difficult to hold his erection for long and ejacultes quickly after a few minutes. So it is very important to have a treatment that encompassesboth the conditions.

So the best approach for premature ejaculation treatment and sexual weakness treatment shoulb be in the following order-

1- Increase the quality of semen: Low quality semen and watery semen having low numbers of sperms and low viscosity is very bed for sex. It causes sexual weakness and premature ejaculation in men. A highly viscous semen takes much more time to come out and ejaculate than a low viscous watery semen. Herbs like singhara and kapikachu have a very good role in increasing the quality of semen.

2- Increase the production of semen: Some drugs help to increase the production of semen in the testes. Testosterone in required for the production of semen, so it is suggested that drugs that stmultes the semen production also increase the testosterone levels in blood. This causes an increase in sex drive and performance.

3- Calm the hyper-excited nerves: Patients suffering with premature ejacultaion and sexual weakness also have hyperexcited nerves and brain. By the word hyperexcited i mean nerves that are more easily excitable. This is a result of hyperindulgence in sexual activities during the early age of life when the foundation of a healthy sex life is laid by nature. There are lots of Unani and ayurvedic medicines which produce a calming and soothing effect to the nerves and brain. These medicines increase the threshold for nervous stimulation.

4- Buil body's retentive power: Another important step to treat premature ejaculation is to build body's own retentive power.  This can be done effectively using some herbs that produce constrictive and clogging effect in the body. By the end of this phase our body should be able to retain the precious semen to come out very quickly.

5- Sexual stimulation: This si a very critical phase of treating sexual weakness and low libido. It should never be done directly before going through the previously mentioned phases of treatment.
Once we have built the body's own sexual power from inside and calmed the excited nerves, its time to get a powerful stimulation and excitement that will produce as series of changes inside the body and result in rock solid erections and extremely powerful performance with ejaculation time as high as 45-60 minutes and increased desire to have more sex.

The blueprint for treating premature ejaculation and sexual weakness that I discussed in this article is so powerful and effective that I have found more than 95% success with this.

Treatment of premature ejaculation and sexual weakness is not a cakewalk, neither it is as simple as it is advertised by most of the brands claiming to treat these problems. Effective treatment of these problems needs to be done only under the supervision of an expert who has a reasonable amount of experience and track record of treating similar patients.

Scope of herbal medicine in the treatment of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a condition when a person is not able to hold or sustain his erection for sufficient period of time and ejaculates very quicklywithout giving any pleasure to him or his partner.

Acording to a survey almost 90% of the men experience premature ejaculation at least once in their life. While most of the cases are temporary and resolve by themself with time, a few cases are severe which require experty guidance, counselling and treatment by a competent doctor. There are many types of treatments available for premature ejaculation . These include allopathic medicines (like antidepressants), psychotherapy (for patients with psychic root of premature ejaculation), physiotherapy (which includes pelvic excercises) and herbal treatment for premature ejaculation.

We shall discuss in this article the scope of herbal treatments for the treatment of premature ejculation. Herbal medicines are based on plants, herbs and natural resourses like minerals and some essential elements like zinc, magnesium and selenium. Unlike modern medicine which treats disease as separate entity than the body, herbal medicines takes the holistic apprach. It takes the whole body as a single entity and the disease as a disharmony of the four basic humoral constituents viz. Vata, pitta, kapha and balgham. Thus it takes the disease as a part of the body and something that originated from the body itself due to hurmoral imbalance. It aims to correct this humoral imbalance to bring back the body to equilibrium.

This holistic approach helps to eradicate the disease by digging deep into the roots of the disease unlike the modern medicine which tries to suppress the disease only.

Most of the herbs used in the treatment of premature ejaculation have multi faced properties. This means that the herbs have more than one types of active alkaloids which act on different parameters within the body. This is the reason why herbal treatment of premature ejaculation apart from from curing early ejaculation also builds the body's defence mechanism, augments the sexual power and energy and treats the underlying depression and anxiety.

Herbal treatments are also safe for long term use without having any dependence or withdrawl symptoms. They are relatively cheaper than other treatments for premature ejaculation. Having said all the good things about herbal treatments, let me give you a word of caution. Although most of the herbal suppliments and treatments for premature ejaculation are safe and free from side effects, there are instances where malpractices have been discovered in the name of herbal medicines. Due to a huge demand and increasing awareness among the masses for herbal medicines, a number of duplicate and non registered firms have started marketing these products as herbal. These firms try to mix some cheap controlled and synthetic compounds to these products. These products may be harmful for your health.

There is currently no formula or technique which can check for the authenticity of the herbal products. So it is my personal advice for all my reders to take herbal treatment under the supervision of a registered herbal medical prectitioner only. It not only ensures that you are getting the best quality suppliment but also gives you an expert guidance whcich assures more sucessful results and safety for you. 

Men's issues: How to find a good sex therapist

Good health is a key to a happy life, in a quick and requirements of life. But unfortunately men's health is at a backseat when it should be of prime concern. Sometimes one is too lazy or shy to discuss with a doctor about his sexuality. For a healthy life, many things need to be put in order.

Sexual dysfunction refers to a difficulty faced by an individual or a couple during any stage of a normal sexual encounter, including desire, arousal or orgasm.

Every year 15 to 30 million men are diagnosed with sexual dysfunctions, so you are not alone. These conditions are either caused by a medical condition, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, low testosterone, smoking, alcohol use, or even use of narcotics.

Sex problems can also be a symptom of a  psychological issue, such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, or depression.

Everybody needs a little psychological maintenance now and then. Whether, you’ve got relationship issues with your partner, family problems or situational stress, most people will find themselves in need of a good health professional at some point in their life for issues related to sexuality.

Now the qustion here is: What kind of a sex therapist should you see?

There are a variety of disciplines for sex treatment: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, Clinical Sexologists/Sex Therapists, Board Certified Counselors, herbal therapists and some registered nurses have training in mental health.

Now when you are coming with an issue related to sexuality make sure to find a doctor with experience and training in sex treatment or clinical sexology. In reality, most general health professionals only get a few hours of training in sexuality related issues.

How do I find an doctor who is expert sex treatment?

The best way to find a good sex therapist is through word of mouth – a friend or family member having a good experience with  counselor or therapist. But since sex treatment carry social stigma, this may not be happen to you. Most people aren uncomfortable to discuss their therapeutic experiences for sex treatment – which is unfortunate.

There are other options. You can go to online directories to find therapist names online. Here are a few to begin with:

How do you know you have found the right therapist?

The best advice I can give for this is to have a brief phone conversation or chat online with the therapist before you go for their treatment. Any good therapist should be willing to do this. Ask them their qualifications, what they specialize in, if they see many patients with issues similar to yours.

Your therapist should also emphasize confidentiality. They should address their confidentiality practices with you in person.

Now what?

Nobody really wants to go for a sex treatment therapy. All human beings show some sort of resistance when it comes to getting others to help. Forget about the social stigma surrounding sex treatments, more and more people are taking a foot forward and finding the courage to improve their lives through sexuality therapy. Ultimately, if the treatment helps you be a better partner, parent, human being -- it can't be the wrong thing to do.

Keep Laughing, Keep Healthy!

Laughter is the best way to keep physically as well as mentally fit. Infact when we laugh we constrict all our muscles, inhale large amounts of oxygen and exhale the poisonous carbon-di-oxide gas. Luaghing gives us a feeling of freshness.

Doctors also emphasis the importance of laughter to stay healthy. Laughing loudly is considered to be a part of physical workout. It maintains the blood pressure and builds body's own defence mechanism against diseases and infections. It also helps to calm our irritated nerves and soothes the mind.

Other benifits of laughter:

When we laugh, certain hormones are secreted our body which helps to keep us away from depression, sadness, wories, anger and irritation.

Laughter increases our self confidence and we become stronger mentally.

Laughter keeps the body's respiratory system, digestive system, back and face muscles strong and healthy.

Laughing freely helps to keep the digestive system in good condition.

Laughter also helps to burn calories and loose that extra flab around your waist.

Laughter helps to decrease tiredness.

Laughter is free of cost, so laugh your heart out and keep fit the funny way...!

10 ways to naturally increase your sex power

Sex is an integral part of our life. It is one of the most precious gifts given by nature to mankind. Sex is one of the most basic things that is required by our body. The feeling of fullfilling sex can not be compared to anything. It gives immense pleasure, builds a strong bond between couples, reduces anxiety, tension, depression and anger.To enjoy sex life to its fullest and be able to enjoy sex life till old age we can follow these simple steps:

1- Diet: Diet rich in protein is a very rich fuel for sexual energy. Zinc and vitamin B-Complex is also very important for sex. Avoid excessive salt intake and diet rich in saturated fats.

2- Excercise: It is a very common conception that heavy body builders have more sexual power than those who are lean and thin. This a completely wrong conception.. A man with lean and thin physique may be very active sexually than a man with muscular and showman body. Even moderate and light exercise can help to increase the sex power greatly. On the contrary a wrongly done heavy excercise done without any supervision can badly affect a man's sex life. Se the next time you hit the gym... be sure not to overdo... In fact a 30 minute jogging or running and simple pushups can do wonders for your sex power if done correctly.

3- Lifestyle: Avoid sedentry lifestyle. Try to be as physically active as possible. A lazy lifestyle can lead to numerous medican problems like diabetes and obesity which are known to be killing your sex life.

4- Keep away from anxiety, tension and excessive workload.

5- Live life with energy and enthusiasm. Follow your dreams, indulge in yur hobbies as often as you can and enjoy the things you like in your life. Happy people are said to enjoy sex more than those who are tensed.

6- Take a glass full of milk daily, preferably with 2-4 pcs of dates.

7- Grind equal quantity of almonds, apricot and cashew with dates and take it with a spoonful of honey in the morning. It is very good for increasing sex power.

8- Milk of camel is considered as a wonderful medicine to increase sex power.

9- Take 5 grams of pure mucuna pruriens powder with a glass of milk daily to increase sex power and enjoy having sex till old age.

10- Aloe vera juice is aslo very effective in increasing the sex power.

By following these simple steps you can easily and greatly increase the sexual stamina na d endurance. But in more severe cases or when these simple measures dont work, it is highly recommended to consult a sexologist.

The writer of this article is a consulting Sexologists at "MY Sex"  

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Role of methylcobalamine in Idiopathic infertility



Methylcobalamin is one of the two coenzyme forms of vitamin B12 (the other being adenosylcobalamin). It is a cofactor in the enzyme methionine synthase, which functions to transfer methyl groups for the regeneration of methionine from homocysteine.PharmacokineticsEvidence indicates methylcobalamin is utilized more efficiently than cyanocobalamin to increase levels of one of the coenzyme forms of vitamin B12. Experiments have demon-strated similar absorption of methylcobalamin following oral administration. The quantity of cobalamin detected following a small oral dose of methylcobalamin is similar to the amount following administration of cyanocobalamin; but significantly more cobalamin accumulates in liver tissue following administration of methylcobalamin. Human urinary excretion of methylcobalamin is about one-third that of a similar dose of cyanocobalamin, indicating substantially greater tissue retention.

Role of methylcobalamine in Male Infertility
In one study, methylcobalamin, at a dose of 6 mg per day for 16 weeks, improved sperm
count by 37.5 percent.
In a separate investigation, methylcobalamin, given at a dose of 1,500
micrograms per day for 4-24 weeks, resulted in sperm concentration increases in 38 percent
of cases, total sperm count increases in 54 percent of cases, and sperm motility increases in
50 percent of cases.

Treat Infertility with natural ayurvedic medicines

Reasons for reduced sex drive... Why do we have less interest in sex?

Sex drive (libido) varies greatly among men. And different men find different degrees of libido satisfactory. Libido may be decreased temporarily by conditions such as fatigue or anxiety. Libido also tends to gradually decrease as a man ages. Persistent low libido may cause a man and his sex partner distress.
Occasionally, libido can be low throughout a man's life. Lifelong low libido can result from traumatic childhood sexual experiences or from learned suppression of sexual thoughts. Most often, however, low libido develops after years of normal sexual desire. Psychologic factors, such as depression, anxiety, and relationship problems, are often the cause. Some drugs (such as those used to treat high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, or widespread prostate cancer) and decreased levels of testosterone can also lower libido.

A man with decreased libido thinks less about sex. He loses interest in sexual fantasy and masturbation and also in sexual activity. Even sexual stimulation, by sights, words, or touch, may fail to provoke interest. The man often retains the capacity for sexual function. Some men continue to engage in sexual activity to satisfy their partner.

A blood test can measure the level of testosterone in the blood. However, the diagnosis is usually based on the man's description of his symptoms.

Causes of Sexual Weakness or Low Libido

Causes of low libido typically fall into one of three categories: medical, emotional, or environmental.

Medical Causes of Low Libido
There are several medical conditions that may result in a low libido. One of the most common is a low level of testosterone in the body. Because testosterone is basically “sexual fuel”, a lack of it results in the engine sputtering.
Other medical conditions that may cause a low libido are diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, neurological disorders, anemia, chronic pain, or cardiovascular disease. Not feeling up to par physically often results in a low sex drive. Likewise, if you have a painful condition, sex may be the last thing on your mind.

Emotional Causes of Low Libido
Most men do not consider themselves emotional creatures. However, men have emotions, too; they just cover them up with beer, hot wings, and football jerseys.
Depression is often a reason for a low libido and is sometimes overlooked in men because they are less likely to consider the possibility of it being a factor. Also, unresolved relationship issues could be at fault. This could be as severe as infidelity or as simple as that she made you do the dishes. Anger or resentment often surface in other ways when you mentally suppress them; this could very well be the cause of a low libido.

Environmental Causes of Low LibidoPerhaps the most common causes of a low libido stem from environmental factors. These are things that are going on in your life or things you are subjecting your body to that cause a decreased sex drive. Stress falls into this category and is a very common cause of low libido, as is a lack of sleep.
Other factors included could be alcohol or drug consumption. Most guys know alcohol can mess with your sexual ability, but certain drugs or medications can have the same effect. Antidepressants are one of the most common prescriptions that can affect your sex drive. Whenever you are given a prescription, ask your doctor about the side effects. If you take over-the-counter medication or other drugs, you should consider these as potential causes if you have a low libido.

In general, aspects of your life which make you feel poorly, either mentally or physically, often cause a low libido. If you are struggling with this issue, these are the first places to look.

You may also consider when the lack of drive began and consider what may have changed in your life at that time. If you are still at a loss, consider seeing a doctor for treatment options.

If you suffer with low libido you should thoroughly search the options before undergoing any prescription of the drugs with the risks of side effects and potential for being addicted. There may be several reasons for sexual weakness and low libido including poor diet, lack of physical activity, stress and certain diseases. Zinc has a huge influence on your libido. A deficiency of zinc is also an important factor associated with many sexual problems, including sperm abnormalities and prostate disease. A poor diet combined with lack of exercise accelerates the lack of testosterone production and low libido. A far more common cause of low libido is a lack of nitric oxide. If you don't get enough of nitric oxide, you simply won't get an erection.
Almost all men who suffer from low libido suffer from poor blood circulation. Hence improving blood circulation is the simplest ways to treat low libido. If you have improved your blood circulation, you, must get sufficient blood into the penis and this means nitric oxide needs to be realized. This vital chemical allows the blood vessels of the penis to relax and expand and blood to rush in and pull.

Libido does not work in isolation from the rest of the body and increasing overall health improves your sex drive. Hence, herbal male enhancement supplements are an effective way to treat low libido in men as they not only lead to better sexual health but to enhanced overall wellness.

Herbal male enhancement supplements for low libido are natural and if taken for a month or two with a sensible diet and healthy lifestyle will cure low libido and increase sex drive naturally. These herbal male enhancement supplements are a natural blend of herbs that helps in improving blood circulation and improving your desire of lovemaking.

Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatments

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Best treatment for Premature Ejaculation PE

What is Premature Ejaculation (PE)
Premature ejaculation (PE) means 'coming too quickly'. It's one of the commonest of all sexual problems. Approximately 10 per cent of total men face Premature Ejaculation (PE) 'always' or 'often' or 'sometimes' It is more common in younger men - which is not surprising, as there's a distinct tendency for Premature Ejaculation (PE) to improve with age. Men generally get better control as they grow older. PE is curable. Though not considered fatal, it makes people unhappy and frustrated and in severe cases premature ejaculation (PE) can threaten or even ruin a relationship - simply because it spoils the sex lives of both the partners. Sometimes, the condition of premature ejaculation (PE) is so bad that the man cannot even manage to have intercourse because he invariably ejaculates before he can get into the vagina. This can be devastating for a man's self-confidence. And it can be hugely frustrating and annoying for his partner, too. However, most men merely find it a considerable irritation - a condition that makes them 'come' very soon after they enter their partners (say, after only one to two minutes), so that neither of the two gets a lot of satisfaction.
For many years, sex experts have tended to say that premature ejaculation is caused by early 'conditioning'. In other words, the man's early, rushed (and perhaps furtive) sexual experiences had to be quick - so as to avoid detection! The idea is that all this hectic rush 'conditions' him to climax as quickly as possible. One of the major contributor towards it is wrong or misadventerous sex practices during early days. Anxiety too (or 'nerves') plays a part in many cases of premature ejaculation (PE). If you're nervous, you're likely to come too quickly. That's why many males have discovered for themselves that a small amount of alcohol eases their nerves and makes them less likely to climax prematurely. But alcohol is not recommend as a treatment!
Some men try to treat themselves with a local anaesthetic gel. This product is advertised to the public as a good way to 'damp down' sexual sensation in the penis. But the local anesthetic can 'dull' the sex sensation for the partner, and secondly because it can sometimes cause a distressing skin sensitivity reaction.
The cause of premature ejaculation is considered psychological, although this has not been definitively confirmed.   One of the most frequent questions men ask is where can I find the best treatment for PE. Well, the truth is finding treatments for it is not a difficult thing to do. The problem is finding an effective treatment for Premature Ejaculation PE that will work and not not make a hole in your pocket.

While searching for treatments you must have come across several techniques to cure this problem. You will find everything from pills, desensitizing sprays,and special condoms to help last longer in bed. Some of these treatments may give you a few extra minutes, but the problem is that it doesn't address the real reason "causes of premature ejaculation PE". The problem is most likely due to excessive masterbation in the past, You have trained your ejaculatory reflex to ejaculate as quickly as possible. Once you gain control over your ejaculatory reflex, you will have total control over when you would like to come, and this will give you as much stamina as you need to make your lady happy. To prevent it, some people say that you should think about "other things", Some people say you should pinch yourself hard or bite the pillow to overcome early ejaculation.The point is to distract your senses from sexual act so as to get some extra time and avoid Premature Ejaculation. But the ground reality is that only 1 out of a hundred people suffering from early ejaculation actually get any relief from this technique.   Other methods being applied to cure early ejaculation  is the squeeze technique. This method teaches men to engage in intercourse as usual until you feel yourself getting ready to come. When you feel this happening ask your woman to squeeze the tip of the penis and hold it for however long it takes until you no longer feel the urge to ejaculate. The problem with this option is that lots of men have reported a less powerful erection after applying the squeeze technique which can be nearly as embarrassing as early ejaculation itself.

We don't have time to discuss all the treatments being offered for early ejaculation by some so called experts. So we will discuss what best treatment option you have. The "Specialised Treatment Plan for Premature Ejaculation PE" by My Sex Clinic have been the most successful for thousands of men who are suffering from PE. This is a specialised and customised program that gives you 100% natural and safe herbal suppliments manufactured inhouse under direct supervision of our Doctors and Herbalists.   All treatment packages are formulated after a deep study of your personal case through online consultation. Their Sexologists and Herbalists then formulate a treatment plan based on your specific needs.

How it Works:(1) You send your online consultation form --- (2) Your consultation is reviewed by our doctors who formulate a customised treatment plan just for you --- (3) The plan is sent for approval to our Chief Physician and founder Dr.S.M.Mehmood who after verification give it a clearance or make some changes if necessary --- (4) Herbal medicines are manufactured at our own laboratory under strict supervision --- (5) Package is shipped and you get your package right at your doorstep!
This whole process takes only 2-3 days and you get your parcel really fast and secure.

Each Specialised Treatment Package Includes:

(1) One month supply of specially formulated Ayurvedic and Unani Herbal medicines based on your own custom needs and requirements.
(2) Thorough study of your case by online consultation and advice for diet and lifestyle modifications.
(3) 24x7 customer support by email 9 Am to 7 PM (IST) by phone.
(4) Online Chat support with our doctor on facebook by prior appointment.
(5) Regular follow-ups and progress charting.
(6) 100% money back guarantee.  

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Penis Enlargement Treatment: Truth Exposed

You may have seen a lot of articals regarding Penis Enlargement Treatments on the web as well as in real life (Newspaper ads and TV etc). Different websites offer different types of treatments to enlarge your penis size but the question is "Do they really work...?" "Is it possible to enlarge your penis size...? Lets find out...
First let us consider the reason why people are so obsessed to enlarge their penis size?
From the first man on earth a true "manliness" symbolizes a perfect genital organ or "Penis" the lively tool of reproductivity. Every man may not be a "Hercules" yet wishes to posses a perfect "Penis". If one feels that his "Penis" is not well developed or under grown, then he will feel sigh and this shameful thought affect a man psychologically. Anxiety kills his sexual desire and he goes impotent. Further slip from his manliness. This will destroy one's sex life. Create rifts and tensions in the relationship between married people leading conflicts and emotional pain. Thus paving way to end their lives by committing suicide. For an unmarried youth this shameful thought of having an under developed Penis shuts the doors of happy meaningful life before it opens.
So it is natural for a man to have a well-developed Penis. It gives him more confidence. Confidence leads to success. Success brings happiness. So a proportionally developed penis is the key to joyful life.Here we intend to help those "men" who feel that their Penis is not perfect in growth and for those young men who feel sigh of telling it to others or ask for any penis enlargement treatment yet suffering silently.
Almost all men experience anxiety about the size or appearance of their penis at some time. For most men, these feelings will pass but, for others, they can be persistent and disabling.
A man's concern about his penis can lead to avoidance of sexual relationships, and even of sporting and other activities where other men might see him naked. Such men are not only embarrassed by the apparent smallness of their penis, but frequently also feel ashamed and silly about their anxiety, too.
Now let us find out the ways by which we can enlarge our penis size:
There are two ways to enlarge your penis size (if you really want). One is the surgical treatment and the other is herbal or alternative treatment for penis enlargement.
The surgical method is quite complicated and expensive and it is suited only if you have an extremely small penis (called microgenitilia) or you want to become a porn star (yes you heard it right... most of them have done it) other than that if you are acommon man like me you better go for a herbal treatment.
Herbal penis enlargement treatment is cheaper, effective, safe and almost equally effective (60-75%). You save a lot of money and apart from saving money herbal treatment for penis enlargement also increases your overall sexual performance, cures ED, Premature ejaculation PE and low libido.
What is the most effective and trust worthy treatment for Penis enlargement?
There are tonnes of scam sites and treatments available online as well as offline to enlarge your penis size, but the winning part is finding a treatment that really works. Trust me only a few of these scam sites are actually trust worthy. Getting your penis enlarged by a few inches is not difficult actually but finding an effective and trustworthy treatment is..
I researched a lot of sites and treatments for penis enlargement and to my surprise none of them were able to satisfy me except . This site is actually run by professional sexologists and gerbalists. You can ask for a certificate from them.. ( I did and it was satisfactory). I am myself a sexologist and I was satisfied with their mode of treatments. The support team was good with knowledge and they answered my queries effectively.

Friday, January 14, 2011

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