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Blueprint for treating premature ejaculation and sexual weakness effectively.

Premature ejaculation and sexual weakness are one of the most common sexual problems that are faced by men around the world. This article describes in detail about the most sucessful blueprint and guidelines for treating premature ejaculation and sexual weakness.

Premature ejaculation and sexual weakness ia faced by almost all men at some point in their life. Before coming to tell you about the sucessful treatment for these problems let us first understand and have a brief idea about the two conditions.

Premature ejaculation is a condition when a man is unable to to hold his ejaculation for enough time. This means that he ejaculates the semen quickly after penetration into the vagina without giving any sexual pleasure to his partner. This is a very frustrating and embaressing condition and it has a very deep impact on the self confidence of a man. A person suffering with this condition is often depresed and finds himself in  asea of despair. Where he can not share his feelings with anyone due to a fear of sheer embaresement. This depression and anxiety about the sexual performance often leads a man to avoid sexual intercourse. This further widens the gap in a relationship.

Sexual weakness on the other hand is defined as a reduced sex drive, drive that initiates interest in sex and brings out the desire to have sex. Excessive work pressure and anxiety are the two main culprits causing a reduction in sexual drive in men. Although these two conditions are different with each having a totally different symptom but in my experience they are totally interlinked. I tell you why- A person suffering from premature ejaculation often undergoes into depression and performance related anxiety. This anxiety further lowers the sexual performanceand the person starts to avoid having sex at timesto protect himself from getting embarassed in front of his lady. This acts as precursor for sexual weakness or low libido. In the same way a person having low libido and sexual weakness often finds it difficult to hold his erection for long and ejacultes quickly after a few minutes. So it is very important to have a treatment that encompassesboth the conditions.

So the best approach for premature ejaculation treatment and sexual weakness treatment shoulb be in the following order-

1- Increase the quality of semen: Low quality semen and watery semen having low numbers of sperms and low viscosity is very bed for sex. It causes sexual weakness and premature ejaculation in men. A highly viscous semen takes much more time to come out and ejaculate than a low viscous watery semen. Herbs like singhara and kapikachu have a very good role in increasing the quality of semen.

2- Increase the production of semen: Some drugs help to increase the production of semen in the testes. Testosterone in required for the production of semen, so it is suggested that drugs that stmultes the semen production also increase the testosterone levels in blood. This causes an increase in sex drive and performance.

3- Calm the hyper-excited nerves: Patients suffering with premature ejacultaion and sexual weakness also have hyperexcited nerves and brain. By the word hyperexcited i mean nerves that are more easily excitable. This is a result of hyperindulgence in sexual activities during the early age of life when the foundation of a healthy sex life is laid by nature. There are lots of Unani and ayurvedic medicines which produce a calming and soothing effect to the nerves and brain. These medicines increase the threshold for nervous stimulation.

4- Buil body's retentive power: Another important step to treat premature ejaculation is to build body's own retentive power.  This can be done effectively using some herbs that produce constrictive and clogging effect in the body. By the end of this phase our body should be able to retain the precious semen to come out very quickly.

5- Sexual stimulation: This si a very critical phase of treating sexual weakness and low libido. It should never be done directly before going through the previously mentioned phases of treatment.
Once we have built the body's own sexual power from inside and calmed the excited nerves, its time to get a powerful stimulation and excitement that will produce as series of changes inside the body and result in rock solid erections and extremely powerful performance with ejaculation time as high as 45-60 minutes and increased desire to have more sex.

The blueprint for treating premature ejaculation and sexual weakness that I discussed in this article is so powerful and effective that I have found more than 95% success with this.

Treatment of premature ejaculation and sexual weakness is not a cakewalk, neither it is as simple as it is advertised by most of the brands claiming to treat these problems. Effective treatment of these problems needs to be done only under the supervision of an expert who has a reasonable amount of experience and track record of treating similar patients.

Scope of herbal medicine in the treatment of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a condition when a person is not able to hold or sustain his erection for sufficient period of time and ejaculates very quicklywithout giving any pleasure to him or his partner.

Acording to a survey almost 90% of the men experience premature ejaculation at least once in their life. While most of the cases are temporary and resolve by themself with time, a few cases are severe which require experty guidance, counselling and treatment by a competent doctor. There are many types of treatments available for premature ejaculation . These include allopathic medicines (like antidepressants), psychotherapy (for patients with psychic root of premature ejaculation), physiotherapy (which includes pelvic excercises) and herbal treatment for premature ejaculation.

We shall discuss in this article the scope of herbal treatments for the treatment of premature ejculation. Herbal medicines are based on plants, herbs and natural resourses like minerals and some essential elements like zinc, magnesium and selenium. Unlike modern medicine which treats disease as separate entity than the body, herbal medicines takes the holistic apprach. It takes the whole body as a single entity and the disease as a disharmony of the four basic humoral constituents viz. Vata, pitta, kapha and balgham. Thus it takes the disease as a part of the body and something that originated from the body itself due to hurmoral imbalance. It aims to correct this humoral imbalance to bring back the body to equilibrium.

This holistic approach helps to eradicate the disease by digging deep into the roots of the disease unlike the modern medicine which tries to suppress the disease only.

Most of the herbs used in the treatment of premature ejaculation have multi faced properties. This means that the herbs have more than one types of active alkaloids which act on different parameters within the body. This is the reason why herbal treatment of premature ejaculation apart from from curing early ejaculation also builds the body's defence mechanism, augments the sexual power and energy and treats the underlying depression and anxiety.

Herbal treatments are also safe for long term use without having any dependence or withdrawl symptoms. They are relatively cheaper than other treatments for premature ejaculation. Having said all the good things about herbal treatments, let me give you a word of caution. Although most of the herbal suppliments and treatments for premature ejaculation are safe and free from side effects, there are instances where malpractices have been discovered in the name of herbal medicines. Due to a huge demand and increasing awareness among the masses for herbal medicines, a number of duplicate and non registered firms have started marketing these products as herbal. These firms try to mix some cheap controlled and synthetic compounds to these products. These products may be harmful for your health.

There is currently no formula or technique which can check for the authenticity of the herbal products. So it is my personal advice for all my reders to take herbal treatment under the supervision of a registered herbal medical prectitioner only. It not only ensures that you are getting the best quality suppliment but also gives you an expert guidance whcich assures more sucessful results and safety for you. 

Men's issues: How to find a good sex therapist

Good health is a key to a happy life, in a quick and requirements of life. But unfortunately men's health is at a backseat when it should be of prime concern. Sometimes one is too lazy or shy to discuss with a doctor about his sexuality. For a healthy life, many things need to be put in order.

Sexual dysfunction refers to a difficulty faced by an individual or a couple during any stage of a normal sexual encounter, including desire, arousal or orgasm.

Every year 15 to 30 million men are diagnosed with sexual dysfunctions, so you are not alone. These conditions are either caused by a medical condition, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, low testosterone, smoking, alcohol use, or even use of narcotics.

Sex problems can also be a symptom of a  psychological issue, such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, or depression.

Everybody needs a little psychological maintenance now and then. Whether, you’ve got relationship issues with your partner, family problems or situational stress, most people will find themselves in need of a good health professional at some point in their life for issues related to sexuality.

Now the qustion here is: What kind of a sex therapist should you see?

There are a variety of disciplines for sex treatment: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, Clinical Sexologists/Sex Therapists, Board Certified Counselors, herbal therapists and some registered nurses have training in mental health.

Now when you are coming with an issue related to sexuality make sure to find a doctor with experience and training in sex treatment or clinical sexology. In reality, most general health professionals only get a few hours of training in sexuality related issues.

How do I find an doctor who is expert sex treatment?

The best way to find a good sex therapist is through word of mouth – a friend or family member having a good experience with  counselor or therapist. But since sex treatment carry social stigma, this may not be happen to you. Most people aren uncomfortable to discuss their therapeutic experiences for sex treatment – which is unfortunate.

There are other options. You can go to online directories to find therapist names online. Here are a few to begin with:

How do you know you have found the right therapist?

The best advice I can give for this is to have a brief phone conversation or chat online with the therapist before you go for their treatment. Any good therapist should be willing to do this. Ask them their qualifications, what they specialize in, if they see many patients with issues similar to yours.

Your therapist should also emphasize confidentiality. They should address their confidentiality practices with you in person.

Now what?

Nobody really wants to go for a sex treatment therapy. All human beings show some sort of resistance when it comes to getting others to help. Forget about the social stigma surrounding sex treatments, more and more people are taking a foot forward and finding the courage to improve their lives through sexuality therapy. Ultimately, if the treatment helps you be a better partner, parent, human being -- it can't be the wrong thing to do.

Keep Laughing, Keep Healthy!

Laughter is the best way to keep physically as well as mentally fit. Infact when we laugh we constrict all our muscles, inhale large amounts of oxygen and exhale the poisonous carbon-di-oxide gas. Luaghing gives us a feeling of freshness.

Doctors also emphasis the importance of laughter to stay healthy. Laughing loudly is considered to be a part of physical workout. It maintains the blood pressure and builds body's own defence mechanism against diseases and infections. It also helps to calm our irritated nerves and soothes the mind.

Other benifits of laughter:

When we laugh, certain hormones are secreted our body which helps to keep us away from depression, sadness, wories, anger and irritation.

Laughter increases our self confidence and we become stronger mentally.

Laughter keeps the body's respiratory system, digestive system, back and face muscles strong and healthy.

Laughing freely helps to keep the digestive system in good condition.

Laughter also helps to burn calories and loose that extra flab around your waist.

Laughter helps to decrease tiredness.

Laughter is free of cost, so laugh your heart out and keep fit the funny way...!

10 ways to naturally increase your sex power

Sex is an integral part of our life. It is one of the most precious gifts given by nature to mankind. Sex is one of the most basic things that is required by our body. The feeling of fullfilling sex can not be compared to anything. It gives immense pleasure, builds a strong bond between couples, reduces anxiety, tension, depression and anger.To enjoy sex life to its fullest and be able to enjoy sex life till old age we can follow these simple steps:

1- Diet: Diet rich in protein is a very rich fuel for sexual energy. Zinc and vitamin B-Complex is also very important for sex. Avoid excessive salt intake and diet rich in saturated fats.

2- Excercise: It is a very common conception that heavy body builders have more sexual power than those who are lean and thin. This a completely wrong conception.. A man with lean and thin physique may be very active sexually than a man with muscular and showman body. Even moderate and light exercise can help to increase the sex power greatly. On the contrary a wrongly done heavy excercise done without any supervision can badly affect a man's sex life. Se the next time you hit the gym... be sure not to overdo... In fact a 30 minute jogging or running and simple pushups can do wonders for your sex power if done correctly.

3- Lifestyle: Avoid sedentry lifestyle. Try to be as physically active as possible. A lazy lifestyle can lead to numerous medican problems like diabetes and obesity which are known to be killing your sex life.

4- Keep away from anxiety, tension and excessive workload.

5- Live life with energy and enthusiasm. Follow your dreams, indulge in yur hobbies as often as you can and enjoy the things you like in your life. Happy people are said to enjoy sex more than those who are tensed.

6- Take a glass full of milk daily, preferably with 2-4 pcs of dates.

7- Grind equal quantity of almonds, apricot and cashew with dates and take it with a spoonful of honey in the morning. It is very good for increasing sex power.

8- Milk of camel is considered as a wonderful medicine to increase sex power.

9- Take 5 grams of pure mucuna pruriens powder with a glass of milk daily to increase sex power and enjoy having sex till old age.

10- Aloe vera juice is aslo very effective in increasing the sex power.

By following these simple steps you can easily and greatly increase the sexual stamina na d endurance. But in more severe cases or when these simple measures dont work, it is highly recommended to consult a sexologist.

The writer of this article is a consulting Sexologists at "MY Sex Clinic.com"